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When being interviewed by Brian Williams on CNBC this evening at 7:30 pm, Andrew Card blatantly lied about the sequence of events on the morning of 9/11, involving Bush's actions at the Florida elementary school.

In the interview, Card said that Bush excused himself SECONDS after he was informed of the second plane crash in the South Tower of the WTC. Through an obscenely deceptive flourish of video editing, the sequence was artificially created by cutting two separate shots together. The first shot shows Card whispering into Bush's ear (and stepping away), then IT CUTS to Bush standing up while excusing himself. As we all know from Bush's own statements (and numerous news articles), Bush stayed in the classroom and continued to read for another 20 minutes.

Another serious discrepancy occurred when Card said that Bush had only seen the WTC plane crash footage AFTER leaving the classroom.........not before, in the hallway, as Bush has previously publicly stated, when he admitted seeing the FIRST plane crash, before it even was aired on network news.

The Bush administration is desperate and sloppy and trying (in vain) to patch-up the numerous holes in the story.

Here is the original raw video tape that proves Andy Card and the White House are lying. Bush sits and does nothing until it is time to read the story about the goat.